Elizabeth was at the beach?!

Had a great weekend with my friends. Sometimes it’s nice to be spontaneous and go to Charleston!

We spent Saturday down in Charleston – covering most of downtown on foot, enjoying seafood at Hyman’s and the shops along King Street, as well as walking through Charleston’s farmers market (and wishing I could come more often!).

It was a hot weekend out there, and we were sweating buckets. Our sun dresses were becoming sticky! This was helped (some) by a frozen yogurt stop… although plenty of other female tourists also had the same idea.

A late afternoon trip to Folly Beach was quiet pleasant. Now.. I cannot remember the last time I “went to the beach”. And so, packing my regular rain umbrella didn’t seem like a silly idea. It may not have been huge and massive like a beach umbrella, but it did the trick. I also came prepared with sunscreen, sheet/blanket, towel, reading material (book + magazines + latest nutrition journals) and cell phone (catch up with The Boy) while my friends explored the ocean. I did wade in the water somewhat (up to my knees people!) and make lobster-shaped sand castles, but I was plenty happy reading and people watching from my sheet.

We relaxed Saturday night with Mellow Mushroom pizza ordered in and Robert De Niro’s latest (sad and depressing!)

This morning included the CBS Morning Show, homemade oatmeal blueberry pancakes and fun catch-up talk, before the 4.5 hour drive home.

And then… the garden! Yes, my garden seems to have exploded during my 48 hour absence. I harvested 2 extra-large yellow squash, saw zucchini popping up like the jesus rabbits, pumpkin vines trying to engulf spaghetti squash plants, and weeds spreading like kudzu. On the other hand, my sweet potato plants are vining out just fine and dandy, and the watermelon plants are starting to flower. Oh, and I have probably a gazillion tomatoes in my “bush”. If they ever decide to turn red and ripen, I’ll be having my own version of tomato festival right here.

The Boy was warned that I will be armed with fresh produce during my next visit.

Time to find creative squash and tomato recipes!


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