Too quiet at the farm

A very quiet Sunday at the farm. The parents left this morning at 4am, heading back to Texas with Neuman + Annie Nanners, leaving me with my two high strung dogs. They definitely did better with the other two to keep them calmed down!

Sheff hasn’t been very happy about them being gone. Where has he hid himself?


Looks like just a bush, I know.

But pull back a branch or two and….


You found me!

DSCN0563He’s spent the better part of the day out there. I was able to persuade him out for a drink of water, and a run up to the garden, but that’s been about it. At least it’s shady in the bush!


I’ve been productive today, since the dogs got me up at 7:30. I got some vacuuming, laundry and dishes done, read the sunday paper and planned this week’s menu, and read this week’s NYTimes wedding story :)

Now we’re settling in for some apparent storms later this afternoon, reading my new book, and making black bean cakes for dinner.

Sheff + Bess are certainly going to miss their grandma’s company during the day as I head back to work tomorrow. No more daytime gardening and playtime outside. But I’ve promised them a real walk at the nearby greenway for tomorrow, so hopefully they’ll forgive me.


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