The short week comes to an end

I love these short weeks! The weekend is already here. Awesome. My dad flew in last night, just in time for his birthday/national donut day/international biscuit festival. A weekend of birthday cake, donuts, and biscuits is a weekend to smile about!

Being the “everything in moderation” blog, there’s also some outdoors, calorie expending activities going on. I made it back to the gym last night after picking up my car from it’s makeover (new brakes). Can definitely tell the difference after almost 2 weeks of no gym visits! Terrible. After this weekend, when my parents leave me and return to Texas, I know I’ll be better about it. And the dogs will get more walks, since they won’t be home with grandma all day to run around the farm.

I also picked up some new books at the library yesterday. I stopped by to use some free (and fast!) internet, while our rural satellite internet was out, thanks to me trying to download windows live writer on my netbook. I love carrying around my little netbook – it’s about the size of a library book itself! Anyway, I digress. The books I picked up are:

  • The Twitter Job Search Guide
  • Commencement, by J. Courtney Sullivan

Hoping to learn some useful job searching tricks to help out The Boy. Never would have thought to use Twitter, but who knows these days?

P.S. Did I tell you that my netbook has a battery life of 11 hours!? That’s almost reason enough to buy it.


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