Garden Update

Thought I should finally dedicate a post to my edible plants outdoors.

Let’s start in the backyard with Mr Topsy Turvy. Planted on April 3, we’re currently at Day 60 of these Early Girl tomatoes.

Day 0:

Day 0 

Today (Day 60):


These guys had a setback with some massive winds that blew the whole contraption over, and broke some of the stems. But they’re back to business now, with flowers and everything!

However, the stars of the tomato game are these guys – 3 plants that I planted 2 weeks after topsy turvy (same variety) and are now huge massive bushes and tomatoes popping up everywhere!



~~~  Moving out to the “real garden” ~~~


OK, starting at the bottom and working up, you can see:

  • a nice row of bush beans
  • two squash hills (yellow straightneck squash on the left, and zucchini on the left)
  • potato hill

Behind the potatoes are the nice sweet potatoes that we just worked on last week:

DSCN0543 Such a shame that I won’t be able to enjoy these until the fall! :(

We also have an heirloom tomato plant up here


And a spaghetti squash plant


And some sad watermelon seedlings that look suicidal:


Winners up here are probably the yellow squash. Looking good!



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