Busy Week!

Can hardly believe it’s already Thursday night, and tomorrow is the start to my long weekend trip to Atlanta with The Boy! It’s been a busy week.

Had a terrible dental experience. Found a new dentist in my area that was “in network” for my insurance. He looked fresh out of dental school, acted unprofessional (who says “this won’t taste as bad as poop!” in front of a patient!?) and ended up claiming I needed 7 fillings! Compared to my last few check-ups that found only 1 or 2 watch spots, I have trouble trusting this young guy. And so now I’m trying to get my millions of new x-rays sent to another dentist for a 2nd opinion. This time, I’m finding a dentist that’s been recommended to me :)

Garden Update: Things are growing well – we actually have baby tomatoes and 1 baby yellow squash! Hooray

I should probably write more, but I’m tired, and I haven’t packed yet. Always too much to do. Adios reader.


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  1. Why is this a different font size? If you are going to change things at least change fonts to wingdings

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