How does your garden grow?

Out at Lowe’s today, picked up my last 2 vegetables for the garden (it’s tempting to try more and more, but when my mom leaves in a few weeks, and it’s up to me to actually have all these vegetables GROW and PRODUCE… I need to keep it to a reasonable amount!!)

Today’s new varieties = sweet potatoes and spaghetti squash.

Total list of things we’ve planted:

  • potatoes
  • sweet potatoes
  • carrots
  • yellow squash
  • spaghetti squash
  • zucchini
  • tomatoes
  • strawberries
  • bell peppers
  • watermelon
  • bush beans
  • brussels sprouts
  • Herbs: basil, cilantro, mint, oregano

Of course, after we planted all the sweet potato “slips”, I researched how to grow sweet potatoes (yeah, reverse order, I know) and discovered that we had planted them completely wrong. And so, the sweet potatoes will be transplanted later this week to a big bed of their own, complete with a covering of black plastic to trap in the heat. I guess somehow I forgot that this is a tropical plant that likes hot, dry soil. Nice! Less for me to water!! :)

Also… who knew that sweet potatoes were related to the morning glory, and produce vines and pretty flowers?? Interesting. I think.

I will have pictures, when I have something to show for myself. Sweet Potatoes won’t be ready until October, so check back then. Thanks :)

PS. I saw a baby tomato and baby squash today. Exciting times in the garden!!


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