Not much to say

Hello there.

Saturday night, sitting on the couch, about ready for bed.

For the last 30 minutes though, I had a visitor up here with me. It looked a little something like this:


Yes, Miss Annie Nanners sleeps on her back like that, legs up in the air.

When I finally woke her up, we had some fun taking self-portraits:



Not much else to report. Spent the morning at the East Tennessee Border Collie Rescue adoption day – where 4 dogs found there forever homes (yay!) but still no news for Miss Bess. She’s delighted to be coming back home with us for more play time :)

And I seriously need new meal/cooking inspiration. We’ve resorted to frozen pizza and plain spaghetti recently. Hmm… any thoughts?


One Response

  1. PLAIN spaghetti? Homemade sauce we spent a whole day making from fresh tomatoes last summer, squirting tomato guts and seeds all over creations, seasoning for a perfect balance of fresh vegetable flavor with onions, garlic, olive oil, peppers, and fresh ground pepper and kosher salt….that is NOT plain spaghetti.

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