Adventures with needle and thread

DSCN0426 Above are the “longhorn owls” that I embroidered on cardstock to make a good luck / study card for my sister, who’s in the middle of her exams as we speak at the Universidad de Tejas (good luck on your Arabic final tonight!!).

Embroidering on paper is fun but also requires preparation time – you have to manually punch all the wholes in the paper before you start. But it looked great in the end!

And yes, I’ve been getting some kind of owl obsession. I keep finding myself on etsy looking at things like this.

image Of course, now that I have a sewing machine, I should be able to make said items.

We got this beauty last week from a large evil corporation who my mother insists on supporting.

It’s been sitting in the dining room ever since. I’m dying to sit down and make pillows and stuffed owls and sock monkeys. But I don’t know how.

One of my Australian friends talked to me last night, supporting my interest in sewing. I shouldn’t be at the point of impressing anyone yet. I don’t even know how to start the machine!

But I can impress you with this….


Girl and duck tea towel is complete!

Now on to the other side with her male counterpart and his ducks.


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