Bess and Mr Fox

A month or so ago, the dogs received several new toys in the mail. What’s cool about these toys? They have no stuffing. Yes, they are flat. Probably a BMI of less than 18. But the fantastic  thing about this is that it prevents the frustrating (for humans, yet oh so satisfying for dogs) occurrence of being ripped open and disemboweled, leaving fluffy white stuffing throughout the house. Of the available selection, we got the fox and skunk.

Bess, as we know, does not play with toys. She ignores them. She doesn’t fetch balls or run after frisbees. Not what you would expect from an australian cattle dog / border collie (easily abbreviated to ACDC).

But she is learning.

Meet Bess and her friend, Mr. Fox

DSCN0468 She carries him around. Everywhere.


She lays in the garden with him.


And if, God forbid, another dog takes Mr Fox, they quickly drop him after catching a glare of death from Bess. This did actually happen with Neuman (who does not normally submit to nothin’).

Mr. Fox also has 2 squeakers – one in his head and one in his tail. Bess has learned to press the squeaker with her nose, but then jumps back in horror when the shrill sound emerges. Poor girl never learned to play with toys!

But she’s trying.

And she wants someone to adopt her! Sweet girl :)

 DSCN0472   DSCN0474

Oh, and Annie Nanners wanted to say hi….

DSCN0471 “Hi I’m Annie Nanners. Also known as Nanny Nannerson, or NahNoo. I like to play with everyone, chase anything that moves, eat sticks, and roll in deer feces. Gotta run now. Bye!”


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