Turbo-Charged Day!


I started the day with my free sample of Dunkin’ Turbo this morning. 2 cups and I was wide awake!! Also… my writing today at work may have looked a little like this, and I hope everyone was able to read it! I felt somewhat like a physician with illegible handwriting, haha.


A little too much for me – the rest of the sample pack is going in the compost, to turbo charge our garden!

But the day has been pretty successful –

  • saw bunches of patients
  • prepared an inservice/training session for tomorrow (reminding the staff about how many carbs our diebetic patients should be getting at mealtimes and that you cannot serve corn, stuffing and fettucine alfredo as one balanced meal!)
  • hit the gym after work
  • continued to hunt for a place to stay in Atlanta over memorial day
  • picked up discounted Biltmore tickets for this weekend, courtesy of AAA

Oh, and Bess got a new look today with a brand new pink collar, and this cute floral bandanna that her collar slips through (preventing her from pulling it off … or from the other dogs pulling it off her!). Adorable, right?

DSCN0420 I think she’s saying there “Come on.. I know you want to adopt me!”

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! We’re having a little south of the border dinner tonight with homemade quesadillas and leftover vegetable soup. yum yum. And some embroidery to go along with it! My current project involves stitching on paper rather than fabric, and has been a fun challenge :)


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