Card Catalog is labeled!

I know it’s been a little slow to get Card Catalog all ready for his life with me.

Here he is assembled and polished:

Then it was time to get the drawers labeled. I admit I was inspired by the multicolored cardstock used for the labels in this card catalog:


However, I chose a more subtle color palette of white, pale blue and green, to somewhat match the adjacent wall color.

Then came the job of figuring out what the heck to put in all 45 drawers. I certainly used this blogger’s list as inspiration. But so far, I only have 22 drawers labeled. I’m sure the rest will come in time. And no, I’m not going to write out the list of all 22 drawer titles. If you’re that interested, just ask.


A cheap set of alphabet rubber stamps from Hobby Lobby helped me create uniform lettering on the drawers, mimicking typewriter-esque labels. I knew my handwriting would fail me.

Must say I’m quite pleased with the results:



I’ll leave you with some of the lovely peonies that just started to bloom this weekend. Have a great week everyone!



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