Windy Weekend

‘Tis been a fun weekend. The Boy came up for the weekend, which started on Friday with a celebration of my mom’s birthday.

I was excited to finally give her the commissioned stained glass portrait of Neuman the Beagle :)


She loved it, of course

Saturday, we braved the rain and headed to Knoxville for some errands, the UT Vet School Open House, Rossini Festival, and the Pork Knox BBQ Cook-Off. A fun day!

Last night was of course interesting, with some really strong winds and a tornado watch.

We (humans) survived just fine.

Sheff has been in his freak-out mode all day, alternating between sleeping in his crate and the cabbage patch.

My topsy turvy tomatoes, sadly, did not fare so well. I had photographed them this morning to show you day 22, and then a strong wind came and blew the whole thing down, crushing most of the stems :(

My mom thinks it would be easier to just replace it with a bigger plant and continue from there, but I’m determined to keep these guys going! Wish me luck.

Still on today’s list:

  • plant strawberries  one batch planted, two more to go!


  • work on school nutrition projects
  • pack tomorrow’s lunch
  • brothers and sisters

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  1. I Love B&S too! Tonight was good! Hope all is well!

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