A Tale of Two Tarts


Dinner last night: A tomato tart (on pie crust) and a mushroom tart (on puff pastry)

DSCN0369 Pie crust topped with provolone cheese, sliced tomato, a little olive oil, salt + pepper


Puff pastry, brushed with egg washed, topped with seasoned ricotta cheese, sautéed mushrooms and green onions, salt + pepper + parmesan

Both were fabulous, vegetarian options. Always exciting when my dad eats a  meatless meal without grumbling! Oh and yes, we did have a side salad. You didn’t think we’d just eat pie crust and cheese for dinner!? haha…..

After dinner = DVR catch-up + embroidery.


OK OK… it was intended to be an “I love coffee” kind of thing. But I think it’s now looking a lot more like “I love my green watering can”. The green color didn’t help, nor the wonky-shaped coffee mug. Better luck next time. I need to actually start on a real project, rather than sewing random designs on the same piece of cloth.


Today’s been off to a good start – my parents got up early with me, and my dad cooked belgian waffles! It’s also Secretary/Admin Assistant day, which = boxes of Dunkin Donuts all over :)


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