Precipitating Tuesday

Rainy Tuesday – not a bad day to be stuck inside the hospital instead of wishing I were outside in the nice spring weather (or at least wishing for a window to see the nice spring weather).

Exciting news — Looks like I have some work lined up with yet another nearby school district. Met with some of the staff yesterday to discuss nutrition initiatives that we might be able to put in place. I’m enthusiastic about it, and they seemed mostly excited (we had a Debbie Downer teacher in the classroom). It’s unfortunate to not have everyone on board – the only way we can ever make true change in the school environment is to have complete support from all members of the community. One dietitian coming in and making handouts or analyzing a menu does not guarantee anything. But I try :)

Still no pictures to show you of card catalog. We’re going to stain the legs soon, and get it all put together. I’ve started trying to make a list of 45 drawer categories – so far only have 10! Haha. I know more will come to me as we go along. Oh, and watching last night’s Big Bang Theory made me infinitely more excited about having a card catalog – there is one prominently displayed in Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment! How did I never see that they owned a card catalog too!?


Garden is moving along nicely. My dad pulled out the monstrous tiller from the shed yesterday and got the big garden prepped. All that compost we’ve been chucking out on the ground has rewarded us with nice rich soil (as well as mini potatoes that had been growing!). We got onions and tomatoes in the ground yesterday, and will follow-up soon with strawberries, bell peppers, zucchini and yellow squash. I think I’ll also add sweet potatoes to the mix. Delicious!

And of course – Earth Day is just 2 days away. I feel compelled to do something particularly Earthy on Thursday, but haven’t figured out just what I want to do. Any ideas?


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  1. wow nice stuff dude.

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