Visitors at the Funny Farm

Look who’s happy, sunning himself out on the porch, legs crossed:


And why is he so happy? Probably because his grandparents arrived last night, along with his estranged brother and sister:


From left – Annie Nanners (black lab), Neuman (beagle), and then in the background is Bess our foster BC.

The house is certainly crazy with 4 dogs running around, and Bess is wearing herself out having to control/herd/protect everyone (well… the protecting is mostly of myself… I have my own personal, furry body guard it seems).

My parents unloaded a million things from the trusty Toyota Avalon (including a bike so I can now enjoy the trails near/around the smoky mountains!). Lots of plans for the upcoming week, including all the outside/fix up stuff that this tenant fails to do :)

Tomato Update: Day 15

Tomatoes are growing really well! Still watering everyday after work, and so far so good.



You can go here or here for the Day 0 and Day 8 updates :)

Forgotten but exciting news!

Remember when I mentioned my search for a card catalog?? Well, success is mine! I guess the craze that exists for buying vintage library card catalogs is minimized out here in East Tennessee – this guy had been listed for almost a month, the price dropped $250, and I was easily able to snatch it up :)

Going to pick it up today with the Avalon + Matrix. Luckily it comes apart for moving. Here is a picture sent from the owner – I’ll update when we get it set up here!!



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