Spring Cleaning


Ah, spring. It’s so nice outside. But yes, the pollen continues. My allergies have been better today, probably because I have been mostly inside. I did go for a quick walk around the hospital’s perimeter today because the AC inside was freezing me to the core!

Took bags and bags of clothing to the thrift store today. Feels excellent to have 50+ less items in my closet, in addition to helping out the local humane society. Weird part is that their thrift store is full of cats. Seriously – cats everywhere. With my feline allergies, it’s all I can do to run in, drop the bags off, and leave.

The house is also getting lots of cleaning done to it before this weekend’s arrival of parents + dogs. We’ve had a recent epidemic of ticks on Sheff (including 4 in the past 24 hours!!) so I’m washing all the dog bedding, vacuuming everything, and prohibiting his usual runs through the nearby fields.

Today’s embroidery adventure continued the theme of the previous cupcake:


I decided to try out a stand mixer (the creator of cupcakes, after all. Or wait, maybe the oven is the creator? Well, I say they’re equal partners)


Yes, I realize that the yellow mixing bowl looks more like a woven basket, but these are all beginner/practice things. Nothing serious. I plan on doing more practice embroidery on this one piece of fabric until it’s all covered in stitches. Lots more space to go though:


The laundry room is calling my name. Dinner tonight will be the cornbread and beans that never happened last night (turns out a hard-boiled egg as a snack fills you up forever!), with some GLEE on TV from earlier this week. Love my DVR :)


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  1. All the parents and dogs will arrive wearing flea/tick collars.

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