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My domesticity continues

From my blog searching and perusing, I was in awe with this post about using an antique college card catalog cabinet (alliteration!) for awesome organization.

image Source: smallnotebook.org

This website talks about the popular demand of buying antique card catalog cabinets. Apparently anything less than $500 is a bargain. They also list a wide variety of uses for them.

And so, I started to look around online and see if I could find one for myself. What piece of furniture could be more perfect for an OCD organizer? Little drawers for every type of household doo-dad? haha

The amazing thing is I found one located here in Knoxville!! Of course, this is all very impulsive – I just started reading about these things today and I’m already to hand over $500? Well… I’m hoping I could get it for less than that, although it’s actually a pretty good price.

Part of me thinks I’m being ridiculous. Why invest in a huge piece of furniture when I’m hoping to move in the next year or so for grad school? It’s been nice living in furnished homes, and just having to box of my belongings, but now I’ll feel like a real, grounded, person who owns furniture. haha.

But think about it – a great investment, awesome storage/organizing capabilities, and will probably make me the talk of the town :)

And here is a recent blog post of a woman who was determined to find her own card catalog – even made a road trip out of it!

I’ll keep you updated on what happens.

In other domestic news – I planted my new, organic squash seeds today, and am hoping to start practice my first embroidery stitches tonight :)



2 Responses

  1. pssst…buy it. A place for everything and everything in its place. Imagine how different my life would be if I’d had that. All I have is multiple junk drawers.

    Put all your saved RENT money toward it!!! Maybe we could borrow Doug’s truck next week to get it.

  2. […] when I mentioned my search for a card catalog?? Well, success is mine! I guess the craze that exists for buying vintage […]

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