Operation Tomatoes: Day 8

The first week of my Topsy Turvy Tomatoes has been simple and uneventful. Daily watering has helped my little plant grow well :)

As a reminder, here’s Day 0 when I planted and set up the Topsy Turvy:

Day 0

And here it is today, Day 8:

Day 8

Day 8-2

Looking good, right? I’ll be sure to continue our weekly updates as I work my way to my first homegrown tomatoes!


Unfortunately, I have no exciting news to report on the squash front. The dogs were attracted to my egg-shell planters, and knocked over the carton , munching their way through the soil, shells and seeds. Thanks a lot puppies. I stopped by Whole Foods today and picked up some new, heirloom organic squash seeds, so we shall start again, this time NOT putting the seeds within dog reach.

That’s all from city-girl-gardener today!


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  1. […] can go here or here for the Day 0 and Day 8 updates […]

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