Feeling itchy and stitchy

Today’s is a two-part post, as you can see from my catchy title :)


Matrix gave me a reading of 90 degrees on my way home from work. Good lord!  Knoxville set a record high of 86 degrees today (so my car was probably a little off). Mr TV Weatherman says this is typical June weather that we’re having in this first week of April. I’d much rather wait 2 months and enjoy some more 60s and 70s :)

I was brave/foolish enough to get the grass cut – leaving my entire body itchy from bug bites or allergies. The yard sure looks a lot better, but I was quite red, sweaty and itchy. Well, actually my feet were green – I mowed in flip flops (much to my mother’s horror) which left my feet stained from the freshly cut grass.

The topsy turvy tomatoes are doing well – watering every day as SOON as I get home from work, and the plants look like they’re already growing upwards towards the sun. My squash seeds haven’t emerged from their egg carton container, probably another week for them.


After reading this morning’s post on (never home) maker, I suddenly had an interest in embroidery. More research into doodle stitching and sublime stitching shows some really cool designs that look like a lot of fun. And definitely not the grandmotherly embroidery that you think of. This could be the perfect hobby to pick up for the spring. At least something to do during evening TV watching, or afternoons sitting out in the sun. And I can think of a couple summer birthdays that might receive a stitched-with-love gift :)

Of course now I want to run out to hobby lobby and buy a box-full of supplies. Thread. Hoop. Needle. Pattern. Fabric. Design book. And then I saw the starter kits from sublime stitching and was tempted to order it (love supporting a local Austin, TX business!), but decided to slow it down a second.

After a quick search, it looks like I can purchase sublime stitching’s products at Textiles and Fabrics store in Nashville, so I’ll check that out this weekend. Or at least peruse Barnes and Noble for design books and make sure this is something I want to do, before investing in the materials. Although really… it’s only $20-$30 to get started. Much cheaper than the massage I’ve been pondering about getting ;)

The Boy was obviously not thrilled about the new hobby. “Let me guess. Is this something old people do?”. Well… maybe. I tried to remind him that many crafts (like knitting) are experiencing a re-birth with younger people, but he isn’t impressed. Did I mention that he’s considering giving up the PhD to become a rich and famous rock band drummer? Yeah….. I think the embroidery sounds much better :)

Time for dinner. No idea what to create. Maybe a tofu recipe I copied from the March 2010 Cooking Light. Adios readers!


One Response

  1. 1. I have multiple sizes of embroidery hoops.
    2. I have 4 million colors of cotton floss.
    3. all the stuff you are looking at is one stitch….I can show you….just get transfers to iron on.
    4. In the attic, you will find hanging up a lovely denim shirt I embroidered in the early 70’s, to impress you with my skills.

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