Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!

The dogs and I have had a funny, sunny day thus far. Including coffee, sunday paper, CBS morning show, and one too many red velvet cupcakes. As a slight tangent – what is it with the boxed red velvet? I don’t know what kind of dye is used in that mix, but it’s serious! My gums, teeth, lips and hands have been stained red! Maybe this is intended for portion control? haha

My errands were cut short today when I realized most places were closed (darn!) so I ended up at my nemesis Wal-Mart to pick up more organic potting soil and plant food.

Yesterday’s planting adventure included my topsy turvy tomatoes, and today’s was summer squash. According to this very helpful guide from UT Extension, summer squash should not be planted until May or June, so I decided to start my little seeds indoors and then transfer them to the garden in a month or so.

What to plant the little seeds in? How about an egg carton with a couple egg shells? Nutritious and fun.

Dog trouble of the day #1: dogs running off with my egg shells before I could plant the seeds.

I eventually got it all planted and watered:


10-14 days and we should have some baby squash seedlings! I seriously felt like a 3rd grader with a plant project. Here I am, with tupperware containers of dirt and various kitchen spoons to mix/plant with. Talk about being a dietitian! I should’ve used measuring cups/spoons. hahaha

Next up was topping my topsy turvy with more potting soil. After watering yesterday, a lot of the soil settled down, so there was a lot of empty space up top.

While watering and adding soil, I see Bess out of the corner of my eye, digging in my vegetable garden. I go to yell at her (which never works.. how does a dog this smart not know her name by now?!) but figure she’ll stop soon enough. Next thing I know? Baby bunny rabbits everywhere! Running all around the garden. Bess is, of course, in herding heaven, and running around trying to scoop them all up in her little mouth.

And since she doesn’t recognize her name, all my screaming and running around (with the metal kitchen spoon) is useless. Now Sheff picks up on the action, and runs to find him a bunny with which to play with. Now these baby bunnies are clever, they have the play dead instinct down. Of course I was really afraid they were going to have a heart attack, and then I’d have a vegetable garden full of dead bunnies. So I dragged the excited eggcited dogs into the house, but by the time I walked back, no trace of bunny existence was left.

So weird. I swear I didn’t make this up. I had no idea that a group of bunnies could be hiding in my garden, under the soil. I didn’t know that was possible. Don’t they need air to breathe? Oh, and about that time, a bumble bee flew into my leg, scared me half to death and caused much screaming.

Oh the adventures of city girl in the country are endless.

Now the dogs and I are going to spend the afternoon inside and enjoy our easter meal of baked potato and pseudo-barbeque.

And I will leave you with this awesome puzzle, emailed by my sister:



2 Responses

  1. those wascally wabbits do live in underground burrows! Ask Elmer Fudd.

  2. I’m surprised your dogs hadn’t picked up on them before! Watch out though – bunnies can take over a garden in no time. I use an organic spray called Defence on my vegetables, and it keeps those little nibblers away from my hard-earned produce. It’s natural, organic and really effective.
    You really should try it:

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