Operation Tomatoes

Greetings! I did something today that is very rare for me. I decided to go to Home Depot and buy something to plant. Yes, the city girl decided to get her hands dirty. Seeing as though I am vegetarian for environmental concerns, it seems hypocritical and ridickerous that I live on 40 acres of land, and yet buy all my produce from Kroger. Hmm…

Obviously I do not have the skill, patience or desire to grow some massive garden. But, I figured I could start out small. Those who know me well, know that most previous attempts at gardening have all ended as glorious fails for me (herbs, broccoli, cabbage, etc). Currently we have some garlic sprouting that may have potential.

I settled on tomatoes. More specifically, the Topsy Turvy, upside down kit for growing your own tomatoes.


I came home after investing close to $20 bucks in my kit, tomato plant, and some potting soil. Each item came with some questions, decisions, and confusion, but I refused to surrender and ask for help. Surely my choice in tomato plants or potting soil cannot have hurt me that much, right?

The planting process was fairly painless. Bess watched my every move while Sheff slept in the corner of the yard wearing his new thundershirt (yes, we had some wind an hour ago, and we’re trying it out).

After planting (glove-free might I add!!), watering, and hanging – here is what we have.

Operation Tomatoes Day 0



And yes, I do realize that hanging the tomatoes directly under the gate will not be a convenient location in a few weeks/months (my specific tomato plant is supposedly ready to harvest in 50 days), but for now, it works :)

Check back next weekend for an update!


3 Responses

  1. you forgot to mention you planted the tomato with a SPOON

  2. the pear trees are beautiful!

  3. […] can go here or here for the Day 0 and Day 8 updates […]

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