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Living life on the edge

Happy Good Friday from my hammock! Yes, I’m blogging from the hammock today – a blogging first. I also discovered today that The Boy is afraid of these delightful hanging cocoons. Apparently they’re quite dangerous. Well yes, you know me – I delight in danger. haha!

And so here it is, Easter weekend, with temperatures in the 80s. Hard to believe that this time last week I was bundled in a sweater and scarf, and now I’ve transitioned to shorts and a tank top. Everything is in bloom now, and the dogs and I have enjoyed our hours of outdoor reading. I might even get a tan (gasp!). And thank you Nasonex, my allergies still haven’t caused any issues. Awesome.

I found it amazing that today was not a postal holiday and that I had mail in my mailbox. Poor bankrupt postal service, still has to work on good friday. Luckily I had a package waiting for me, providing me with fun weekend reading :)

Other plans for Easter weekend? Oh they are abundant:

  • Closet Spring Cleaning – time to pack up the bulky sweaters and sort through the summer clothes. also includes a goodwill run to donate the unwanted (or wanted-but-now-too-small) clothing.
  • Final Four watching – not sure who I’m cheering for. I guess Duke?
  • Border Collie training – in preparation for next week’s adoption fair, Bess needs to work on her tricks. we need her to wow everyone :)
  • Cooking and baking – always fun to do when you have a free weekend! Although I just discovered a loaf of pumpkin chocolate chip bread in the freezer, so that might take care of my baking itch for now.
  • Dog walking and ipod listening – gotta get out there and enjoy this weather!

Oh, and of course Easter Sunday itself will bring the first annual canine easter egg hunt, and my special easter meal of vegetarian BBQ! How long have I waited for this!? Please Gardein, please be similar to pulled pork. That would make my day year.

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