I am happy to report that:

  1. I finished off my brownies that I baked last Thursday. Yes, that means the brownies lasted a full week. Maybe the pre-portioned method of baking in muffin tins was smart after all :)
  2. I got caught up on patients today. Between a patient who reportedly can only eat 5 foods (hamburger, pork, oats, grits, rice) without throwing up from allergic reactions, and a homeless man who claims our food isn’t good enough, it was a fun day, to say the least.
  3. A coworker complimented me on my sweater today. It’s not very often when my outfits/clothing/fashion is complimented. As someone recently so-nicely put it “you dress kind of dumpy”. Whatever. Cheap and comfortable is my motto, and when you live out in the country by yourself and work with psych patients, what is the point in dressing nice?!?
  4. The power bill arrived and is a full $40 less than last month. Thank you spring weather!
  5. I received the last Flight of the Conchords DVD in the mail today, courtesy of Netflix. I’ll be sad to have them all finished! :(
  6. The thermometer is reading 75 degrees right now. Repeat: thank you again spring weather!
  7. I finished mowing the back yard this afternoon. Question: why does my border collie choose the piles of freshly mown grass to roll around in?
  8. My allergies are still in remission. Thank you Nasonex :)
  9. Sheff’s Thundershirts arrived in the mail today! As a reminder, this is our latest attempt to relieve his anxiety, which I think is mostly driven by East Tennessee’s wind and storms (he never had this back in Texas).

We ordered both a large and extra-large, to see which fit him best. Luckily, the company has free returns and a money-back guarantee if this doesn’t work to relieve his symptoms.


They’re made out of really nice, soft, stretchy fabric. Really feels just like a nice t-shirt. Sheff seems to like them too :)


Unfortunately, he seems right in the middle. Too big for the large, and too small for the extra-large. I know that the shirt needs to fit somewhat snug to provide the calming effect of pressure, but I can’t tell which is best. We’ll keep working on this :)




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