Rain Rain Go Away

Depressing weather for this Sunday! It’s been rainy and windy the whole day, which of course means we’ve had the adventure with Mr Neurotic Sheff. His weather-related anxiety is definitely getting worse, and unfortunately the sedatives no longer have any effect. We found that he’s actually quite peaceful in the back seat of my car, so that might become a new escape.

We’re hoping that our next plan of defense works well: The Thundershirt. Designed to use pressure to relieve anxiety, it apparently helps most of the dogs who wear it. It also has a money-back guarantee, so we figured there’s no reason not to try it!

Sheff will look so handsome :)


The Boy and I had a good weekend though. Tried a new Mexican place for dinner Friday night and ended up leaving a 50% tip because we were so impressed with the service. Saturday included a trip to Pigeon Forge for some outlet mall shopping, mini golfing, and soup/salad/breadsticks at Olive Garden. Being his turn to pick a movie, we went to see Hot Tub Time Machine. Definitely not my kind of movie, but at least next time I can choose :)

Gorgeous weather in our forecast for this upcoming week and weekend! I see some hammock action in my future :)


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