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Hotel Fail

Well, the Sheraton didn’t quite live up to our expectations yesterday. In fact, we had numerous fails

  • Our 166 foot water slide was out for repairs
  • The club lounge that we had access to (thanks to my Dad’s priority status) was a bust – an empty room without water or refreshments, and a TV that couldn’t get network channels (we had several people eager to watch March Madness)
  • The tennis courts were unable to be reserved because no one was at the health club. That also meant the racquetball courts were out.
  • The wireless in the hotel was $10 a day. Why on earth can you get free wifi from the crummiest of hotels, and not from a nice one?!

We ended up playing mini golf across the street in the afternoon, instead of enjoying the hotel amenities as planned. Castles’n’Coasters (the mini golf / amusement park across the street) had a very well-maintained mini golf course that my Dad, sister and I enjoyed. I hyped up my putt putt skills a little too much (I figured my 4-5 mini golf games this year compared to my sister’s 7 year drought would put things in my favor…)  but ended up losing by 20 strokes. Oh dear me… but we all had fun :)

Oh and now I am left with a very fashionable farmer’s tan. Pink arms and neck. White everywhere else. Awesome!


I’m currently on the plane en route to Memphis. I discovered that this aircraft is wifi enabled (how exciting!) but decided not to fork over the $10 to use it. If I get desperate enough, I can pay $5 at the Memphis airport and get this posted. But how nice that Phoenix offered free wifi from their airport! I feel like this should be universal by now…. anyone with me?

Less than 2 hours to go. Time to enjoy some refreshments (= water and peanuts) and my book.


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