A 166 foot water slide awaits

Greetings from the road! We’re currently driving out of Sedona, back to Phoenix, where we will enjoy our last few hours at the hotel’s tennis courts (I have to improve before playing with The Boy this spring/summer), water slide and the mini golf across the street. Then we fly out super early tomorrow. It doesn’t quite seem fair that I leave Phoenix before 8am, and yet don’t get home until almost 5pm. Grr time change.

But no grring for these pictures. We have really enjoyed our time in Sedona, all the red rock/dust, hikes, and beautiful scenery. We drove up Oak Creek Canyon yesterday and made it up to Flagstaff (snow everywhere!!), but not too much to do up there.

DSCN0246Montezuma’s Castle – how about living half way up the side of a mountain? No thanks!


Church of the Holy Cross – another structure built into the rocks. Pretty cool. Church service only Monday at 5pm.

DSCN0265 View from the top of Oak Creek Canyon – mucho snow. According to the sign of local wildlife, this are is inhabited by pack rats. Am I the only person who didn’t know that was a real animal?

DSCN0268 Cathedral Rock – we began the 2 mile hike to the top of these rocks. This is the view from down below.

DSCN0269The hike continues….


And here is Jenna and I at the end of our 1.5 mile hike, before you started seriously climbing straight up the rocks. Yeah, we liked the view from here :)

DSCN0248 And here is yours truly, with a statue at Tlaquepaque. Awesome, I know :)


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