Belated Happy RD Day!

I wasn’t feelin’ the blog posting yesterday, so I failed to write a lovely RD Day-related post.

But I did have a delicious, colorful and nutritious dinner in honor of my profession:

DSCN0197 I roasted some butternut squash and asparagus, cooked up the rest of my Trader Joe’s Israeli Couscous, and then topped it all with a small amount of real-deal parm. Nutritiouslicious!

My boss is also treating me to lunch tomorrow in honor of RD Day. I’m pretty excited to return to The Tomato Head. yay for veg-friendly local restaurants!! :)

Boot camp Blues:

Yesterday I worked a little later than usual, so I wasn’t able to stop at the gym on my way home. Instead, I took advantage of the wonderful weather outside and made up my own circuit training –type workout in the front yard while the dogs ran around (good exercise for everyone!).

I brought my yoga mat, 5lb weights, water bottle and ipod outside, and spent the next 20 minutes sweating it out!

And… let’s just say that the walking lunges are killing me today. Sitting on the toilet is becoming a very painful task.

Maybe if I do this more regularly it won’t be so difficult? probably a good idea :)

In domestic news:

I spent the afternoon earlier this week on my Easter Wreath project.

DSCN0192 Here it is after gluing the first round of candy. I ended up choosing the cheapest pastel-colored chocolate eggs that Kroger carried.


And this is what it looks like after I emptied both bags of chocolate eggs. Basically the front of the wreath is covered, but the back is still exposed. I think I’ll leave it like this because (a) it’s getting pretty heavy! and (b) I’m cheap and lazy.

So now I just need to find a ribbon and a place to hang it for Easter! Hard to believe that April isn’t too far away. I already have some things lined up:

  • Easter festivities – unfortunately no fun social activities planned like last year, but hopefully the dogs and I can have fun
  • An enviro-friendly (and walker friendly!) 5K: Run For Clean Air 2010
  • Earth Day Festival
  • My parents’ arrival + Neuman the beagle and Annie the hyper mini-lab
  • Possible trip to Nashville to hang out with The Boy and his visiting Mom + Aunt

Fun fun! Now time to get back to my Netflix of Flight of the Conchords. Unfortunately, their song during the opening credits involves a brief blow of the whistle, which of course has led Sheff to hide in the kitchen. Oh my neurotic boy….


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