Tricky Triplets

Wanda the trailer dog is here! I picked her up after work today and brought her home. Good thing the drive was only 5 minutes and we passed just a handful of cars – this dog body slams into the window and barks shrilly at the passing of every single vehicle. Can we just say I’m not particularly excited about driving her to the vet tomorrow morning?


But she seems to be doing OK here. Definitely not a spoiled inside dog like I am used to – she is much happier outside, and only stays into the room immediately next to the back door. So far the other two are doing OK with her. Bess is certainly being super protective and acting like she owns the place. She even learned Sheff’s “crossed paws” look:


Here is Miss Wanda hanging out in the laundry room while I made dinner, peering around the corner:


Dinner tonight, by the way, was a fun new recipe from Real Simple. Mac and Cheese with Cauliflower. I substituted ricotta for the sour cream (since that’s what I had on hand) and threw in a bunch of spinach, but it was great! And now I have another 2 meals for later this week :)

Now we’re all in the living room watching House. I hope we get through the night without any hiccups!


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