A Dog’s Weekend

Whew! I am worn out from this weekend! It really is a good thing that The Boy wasn’t here this weekend – all this walking/hiking/cleaning/planning would’ve killed him. Instead, he spent yesterday at a casino, and today madly trying to finish his thesis. Our priorities/interests are just slightly different :)

Beautiful weather calls for walking and hiking

Saturday afternoon, I took Bess out to the Alcoa/Maryville Greenway for an hour and a half of walking with some other local women and their dogs. I realized it was the first time I’d ever taken Bess out in public (shame on me!), but she did great. I was so amazed at how she never once peed on this 90 minute walk. Of course, what was the first thing she did upon arriving home? haha.

Yesterday’s step total: 14,000. awesome!

Today was Sheff’s turn for some fun. We met up with other dog owners at House Mountain for a hike. This was the first hike I’d been on in a while, and Sheff’s first ever, so we were a little weary (not to mention his arthritis has been acting up lately). It was definitely a steep hike up the mountain, but we made it up without any injuries. In our company were 5 other dogs, and Sheff even found a girlfriend! haha. So.. 2 1/2 hours later we made it back to our car for the hour drive home.


Today’s step count is hovering around 9,000, so I expect to hit 10,000 by the day’s end.

Wanda the Trailer Dog: Update

We had planned to pick up Miss Wanda from her trailer home yesterday, but no one was home when we arrived. Unfortunately the owner is unwilling to keep her another week, so we’re frantically trying to figure out how to keep her safe until her new foster mom can get her next Saturday. We had planned for me to just pick her up tomorrow and get her to my (wonderful) boarding kennel up here, but without any vet/vaccine records, she’ll likely be turned away from kennels.

And so now things look like this:

  • Monday morning – make immediate phone calls to vet to see if they can hold her for a day and vaccinate her, and the kennel to see if she can be boarded the rest of the week
  • Monday after work – pick up Wanda from trailer and “quarantine” her in my laundry room overnight. I hate to keep her confined, but with no vet history, I want to play it safe.
  • Tuesday morning – drop off Wanda at vet on my way to work for her vaccinations
  • Tuesday after work – pick up Wanda from vet and take to boarding kennel for the rest of the week

Poor girl is going to be so confused from all this up and about! And I’m worn out just thinking about it all. But again, we must remember why we spend all this time and money in rescue groups. We’re saving dogs lives.

When I called the older man today to see how long he could keep her, he talked about how his multiple doctor appointments, and how she’s just wandering around outside when he’s gone. I just want to get her in a safe place ASAP!


Goodness! So now I’m pretty exhausted and ready to call it a day. The kitchen is finally all cleaned up from yesterday’s baking, so I don’t even feel like messing it up for dinner tonight. Maybe I can just heat up my remaining Kashi frozen meal and it eat during the Oscars. Sounds easy enough!

Good part about being so active this weekend (as opposed to my normal weekends this winter)? I don’t have to feel guilty about skipping the gym for a couple days ;)

Happy Sunday night everyone!


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