Baking bread.. making wreaths..

Who’s ready for The Pam and Jim baby to make it’s big entrance tonight? Me!

I had a fairly normal day at work today. Stopped by the gym on the way home to finish my book – fastest 30 minutes on the stationary bike ever!

After the gym I hopped next door to Good Will, where I spent 55cents on a stuffed animal for Bess’s Easter present. It’s a floppy-eared bunny that goes quite well with Sheff’s little lamb. But shh, still a secret :)

Speaking of Animals….

Today has been quite the animal day. It started off with my commute to work, where I found a field of cows had somewhere escape through the fence, and were in the street and the neighboring land. Poor cows! I couldn’t see where/how they got it, but I sure hope their owner woke up and got them all back on their property!

This afternoon, while outside with the dogs, we spotted an opossum roaming around our back field. Of course, the dogs went berserk barking. But it’s weird – I thought those guys were nocturnal!? I’ve never seen a live one out in the daylight.

And then Bess continued to bark at every horse, deer or other four-legged creature she saw. I’m sure the border collie in her is dying to get out there and herd!

I’ve also been following the facebook updates for Amigo, the miracle horse here at the UT Vet Hospital, who is still in serious recovery from being stabbed with a massive tree branch. He almost died in surgery the other day, but is making a comeback (yet again). His owners are so worried about the financial burden of his treatment (the bill is over $10,000) and may have to bring him home early and care for him themselves to save money. If any of you horse/animal lovers would love to make a donation, please do so! They’re hoping to get his story on the Ellen DeGeneres show – I know she’d love to help out!!

Lessons in Domesticity continue…

After receiving a Mario Batali Pizza Peel for my birthday earlier this year, I have finally decided to go ahead and start baking crusty loaves of bread myself. Last year I received the book, Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day, but never got around to baking it. My mom recently tried out the fool-proof method and became obsessed with having hot, crusty, fresh bread baked every night. It also got my dad to come home from work earlier, so that’s saying something!

So.. I prepped my first batch of dough and will bake my first loaf tomorrow after work. Fingers crossed! I used their master recipe (read = all AP flour) but hope to later experiment with whole-wheat flour, oats, and other whole grain wonders :)

The Easter Wreath adventure is still ongoing – I found that you can indeed make the wreath with alternative candies (Hershey foil wrapped chocolate eggs work here!). However.. I know just realized that by choosing the high temperature hot glue gun (as opposed to the low temp version), I was making a mistake, and will probably burn/melt all the candies.

Embarrassingly enough, I found my Hobby Lobby receipt to exchange hot glue guns. The receipt was in the trash, covered in food scraps. I brushed it off and dried it out. Gross but it’ll work, right?


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