Mission Possible: Trailer Dogs

I got an email this afternoon from the Border Collie Rescue of East Tennessee, asking if I could check out a dog in my area as a potential rescue. Apparently someone called the group saying that their friend had gone to jail and they needed to find her dog a home.

I showed up in the trailer community surrounded by wandering animals and trash bags, slightly out of my comfort zone, but ended up meeting the sweetest dog! Her name is “Wander” (crazy name I know, maybe re-namable to Wanda??) who the current owners think is 15 months old. An adorable girl, very well-behaved with dogs, cats and humans of all ages, house-trained and very smart. Apparently there was a dairy farm across the street that had border collies, so I think she is a pure bred!

Her owner, after leaving for jail, had just asked her friends to go home and let the dogs loose, but they didn’t have the heart to let anything happen to her on their conscience (thank god!), so they’ve taken her in (with their 5 other animals!) until they could find her a forever home.

We’re hoping to get her into foster care ASAP, and I’m sure she’ll be on the website soon. Can’t wait to see how things shape up for her! And of course, Bess is still here… no one has inquired about her in a while :(

Here are some pictures of Miss Wander :)





Tonight’s Dinner Recipe:  butternut squash casserole 

I have the butternut roasting in the oven as we speak. Smells so good! I remember making this dish when my mom was here before Christmas and it was excellent!


Nutrition Bite of the Day: Did you know mushrooms are the only fruit/veggie to naturally contain vitamin D? Just another reason to love those fungi :)


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