New Obsessions

I discovered Young House Love a couple days ago and have become fairly obsessed with reading all their great ideas. Won’t it be fun to have my own place some day??

Also found out (courtesy of Tina at Carrots’n’Cake) that there is indeed a vegetarian version of BBQ pulled pork!!! For those of you who don’t know, this has been my main ‘miss’ during my 3+ years of vegetarian eating. I had almost given up on the idea that you could get that pulled texture from anything meatless… until I saw this!

imageAhh so excited!!! According to their website, there are retailers in Tennessee that carry it (Earthfare, Whole Foods, Kroger (?), Harris Teeter, Publix) so on my next adventure I shall look for it.  


Eric Clapton concert was excellent, for those curious.

Now it’s Sunday morning, and The Boy needs to wake up so we can figure out our plans (church? brunch?) before I head back to the mountains with Mr Sheff. Have to get to the kennel before they close at 6 to pick up Miss Bess.

Oh, and the Olympics closing ceremony is on tonight – make sure y’all watch it!


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