Lazy Bum

I feel like such a lazy blob. I haven’t been to the gym in over a week, nor have I done any type of formal exercise since I got back from Athens. I take the dogs out for a little walk around the yard everyday after work, but that’s it. I’ve had plans for exercise everyday (be it the gym or a workout DVD at home) but have always had enough things to do / excuses to make, that I’ve skipped each day. The past 2 days I’ve even had my gym bag packed and in the car (!!) and yet I still have trouble getting myself to go.

What is my problem!?!?

Not to make (any more) excuses, but the winter weather can really just go away. I cannot wait until it is warm enough to get the hammock back out in the back yard, and sit out there and read while the dogs run laps around the yard. Miss Bess loves to zoom around the yard in huge figure-eights, but only if I’m standing out there with her… and there’s not a whole lot of standing out in 30-40 degree weather for me!

Also, I’m hoping that our workplace weight-loss challenge might help me get into gear. We’ve finally managed to get about 8 of us motivated to commit to the challenge. I’ve had quite the struggle trying to convince people that it’s not “going on a diet” but rather we are “making healthy lifestyle changes”. I guess that doesn’t sound as fun. I’m taking my pedometer into work tomorrow to show them.. a couple people wanted to buy some.

I really just need to get my rear into gear, getting back to the gym 3 days a week, longer walks with the dogs, and more vegetables with dinner (and less chocolate and cake!) haha.

Another weekend on the road…

I’m leaving tomorrow for Music City again, to attend a one-day workshop by the Eating Disorders Coalition of Tennessee. Hopefully it will help me better understand how to work with the unique challenges of these patients.

We’re also (The Boy and I) celebrating my birthday. I’ve picked Urban Flats for my bday dinner, and then he has something planned afterwards. I love surprises!

Oh and we’re also going to see Eric Clapton Saturday night.

Should be a fun weekend!


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