A post for the nerds

I finished my high-school teaching today. There seems to be a big difference between first and second block kids, and third and fourth block kids. I guess they woke up :(

My two classes weren’t nearly as fun to teach today. The kids talked non-stop and didn’t even allow me to finish my presentation in the 90 minute blocks! I mean, I appreciate their questions, but sometimes they were just talking for the sake of talking, and we all know I’m not the best disciplinarian (basically one of the top reasons I didn’t go into teaching).

Best parts of my teaching today?

Scenario one:

Me “Who knows why fat is important in our diet? Why do we need to eat fat??”

Student “It’s important for our phospho-lipid bilayers”

Oh nerds, bless them. That was me 6 years ago :)

Scenario two:

After class, a girl came up to me and shared that she was a member of the local TOPS chapter (Taking Off Pounds Sensibly) and was interesting in getting one of my little fast-food nutrition info booklets. The one I brought to show them was small and pocket-sized, and I had gotten it free at work. I feel like such a jerk for not just giving it to her.. it’s not like I use it very much. But instead I just told her to look them up online and find where to order them. Elizabeth!!

Nerds in the kitchen…


Aren’t these gel electrophoresis cookies great! I put them here in honor of my sister, who just secured a research assistant position making the gels for a graduate student who’s studying why some monkeys are colorblind and others aren’t. There’s lots of monkey DNA to be analyzed!

Not to brag, but back in the day (high school nerd alert, again) I was quite the master of electrophoresing. I won “best technique” at the science fair :)

Non-Nerd News…

Sheff has been out in the backyard, staring at some type of animal in the back field that I can only tell is either a groundhog or an armadillo. Interesting.

We’re all packing up and getting ready for my big birthday weekend in Athens, GA! The dogs are going to the nearby doggie hotel, and I’ll be driving solo (finally a break from hours of dog breath! haha)


One Response

  1. So just the title of your post made me a little bit giddy. And I love the cookies. I have that kitchn post in my reader still – I never got a chance to read through it yet so I never saw those specific cookies, but now that I have – I totally have to make a version of those for my friend who’s in a genetics grad program!
    I hope you have an awesome birthday weekend :-)

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