Clapton Tutorial

Playing wonder-woman…

Being the awesome girlfriend that I am, I bought The Boy tickets to the upcoming Eric Clapton concert in Nashville. I know, I’m awesome :)

In preparation, I spent this afternoon Groovesharking Eric Clapton’s greatest hits, so I would be familiar. It’s embarrassing to admit that I don’t know much of his music, but after listening to it I realized that I knew a lot, I just didn’t know those were his songs. I think we’ll have a fun time!

Playing Teacher…

So yes, I taught two classes today at the local high school. And… I had a blast! Turns out I am able to lecture/teach for an entire 90 minute class – WOW! The kids were actually pretty attentive, asked questions, and seemed somewhat interested. Such a relief! The teachers were sooo appreciative of my volunteering to come out and speak, and I’ll admit – it was a nice break!

I return tomorrow for the afternoon classes. I’m going to bring my “Eat This Not That” book and show them a couple things – I think that will go over well.

Most of their questions seemed related to

  • label reading (we had a good tutorial)
  • artificial sweeteners (apparently they cause Alzheimer’s and the formation of embalming fluid in your stomach!?)
  • fad diets (after I just finished talking about how fad diets are not healthy)

Oh high school. I do not miss those years at all. The guys still act like jerks, and the girls still act like morons….

Playing news woman… (my life news, not world news, sorry)

Starbucks in Burger King? Not cool.

– I feel a little sore from yesterday’s workout. But after watching the sprint skiing events, I should be ashamed. That looks like quite possibly the most all-out athletic event ever. Those poor guys/girls just collapse into the snow as soon as they make it past the finish line. And kudos to Slovenia’s Petra Madjic for taking the bronze, after crashing and injuring her ribs earlier today – although she seriously collapsed after the final and had to be carried off the course.

– Received my awesome chocolate/peanut butter cookies from Lindsey today (from the Bake4Haiti online bake sale), so delicious!

– Temps this weekend will be in upper 50s, possibly 60 in Georgia! Yay for a warm birthday celebration :)




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