Life in the Cold with 2 Dogs

East Tennessee continues to have the world’s longest winter. Obviously it doesn’t compare to what my friends in the northeast or Midwest are dealing with, but seriously I’ve seen more snow flurries and below freezing temperatures this year than I ever have in my life.

And luckily I’m not the only one who is starting to diagnose themselves with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), everyone at work talks about the weather forecast.

And so, the dogs and I bundled up in multiple layers, hat and gloves, for our walk today after work. Then they proceeded to stare at me from the back porch and watch while I picked up 3 months of dog feces from the backyard. Luckily, when you use gloves and multiple plastic bags, and it’s 29 degrees, you don’t smell anything. Lovely.

I picked up some workout DVDs from the library today on my way home so I could still be somewhat active on days when I don’t feel like gymming. Let me tell you, home workouts are even more fun/challenging with two dogs in the room. Between them napping on my pilates mat, standing on your feet during poses, and trying to carry about the dumbbells, it’s quite the experience. But I made it :)

Dinners this week have been totally boring and uncreative. Yesterday was eggs, soysage and toast. Today is likely to be israeli couscous and a chik’n patty. I feel like a terrible RD for not having any fresh veggies in my house. Every time I think of a fun recipe to make, I realize “oh wait… I don’t have spinach/butternut/onions/anything”. My upcoming travels have limited my grocery shopping, but I really should do a better job. Maybe I can use some of my frozen-vegetable supply for tonight’s couscous.

Oh, and wish me luck tomorrow – I teach 2 of my 4 nutrition classes at the local high school! I have my powerpoint finished, my outfit picked out, and some props ready to bring. Unfortunately I left my “Eat This Not That” book at the office, which I thought would be helpful, but I’ll have to do without. I teach the morning classes tomorrow, and then return Thursday for the afternoon classes. Fingers crossed that the kids stay awake and have some amount of discussion with me!!


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  1. Hehe – mine haven’t tried to pick up weights yet but I’d love to see them try! My favorite/most distracting is when they try to nuzzle my ears, or step on my stomach when I’m doing crunches. The cats of course love to crawl underneath me when I do planks – making me laugh – making it harder – and I’m not that good at planks to begin with!

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