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Blue Skies

So excited to see some blue skies today! Made for a more enjoyable walk with the doggies after work. Bess has settled in nicely, although she still has nothing to do with Sheff, and is being a little more attached and protective of me than I would prefer.

During this leisurely walk, Sheff escape through fences into fields, chased a cat and cut his lip on the barbed wire. Poor buddy.

I watched “Lars and the Real Girl” last night as my most recent Netflix choice. A really good movie, especially now that I work with psych patients. It helped give me a little dose of empathy towards them. I hate to say it, but after just 4 months of working in the mental health population, I find myself wondering how much good we really can do with these patients, or if they even want help. Not making matters any better, the State of Tennessee just made a very significant cut to its mental health support, so I heard a lot of staff grumbling about the future of these patients, particularly the truly psychotic ones that are constantly in and out of facilities. Sad but true…

Dinner tonight is a particularly delicious one: my homemade faux crab cakes, with a side of seasoned black beans. As RayRay would say,  Yum-O!

Valentine’s Weekend is Here!

The Boy will be coming for a visit tomorrow. I had planned for a leisurely evening at home, with Thai take-out and the Olympics opening ceremony. But apparently he has some special plans for the 2 of us. All I know is 7pm in Knoxville = early Valentine’s Day plans. Sounds good to me! And I guess I’m OK with missing the Olympics.. after all, that’s what the DVR is for, right??

We’ve also registered both Sheff and Bess for Saturday’s Mardi Growl Pet Parade. But… another early Saturday morning in the 30s is not going to put a smile on The Boy’s face. I guess we don’t HAVE to go if it’s going to be miserably cold, even though it would be a great opportunity for Bess to get out and meet some people – I should have business cards for her to pass out “Adopt me!”. haha. Also, I don’t even have costumes for them! Sheff just has his extensive Bandana wardrobe :)



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