I win!

Back from a fun Nashville weekend! Already got everything put away, the Sunday paper read, coupons clipped, and the week’s dinners planned (nothing excited.. believe me). Watching the Super Bowl now with Sheff and finishing up some school menu analysis.

So… this weekend’s 5K :)

Talk about cold – it was 33 degrees, windy and flurrying! Luckily, I had packed smart, with double layers top and bottom. The Boy didn’t even try on his only pair of sweatpants until that morning.. luckily they fit! But a thin pair of Target sweatpants can only keep one so warm. He also had no gloves, so he borrowed my GAP pink gloves. Oh why did I not take a photo of us that morning!?

Anyway.. we hung out in the Sommet Center until about 2 minutes before the gun went off, to stay nice and warm and people/runner-watch. I think The Boy felt at ease once he saw the variety of people who had signed up. He even said “Geez, I don’t know that some of these people are going to make it!”

The gun went off… we started jogging until the crowd thinned out. Half a mile in a realize that The Boy, Mr “I can walk so fast you won’t be able to keep up” is lagging behind me and looking cold and miserable. I tried to pep him up and throw in some humor or competition to get him to move faster. Fail. He just gave me this look and said “you go ahead”. I felt bad for leaving him in the dust, since this was something he was only doing for me, but knew that if I stuck with him we’d both be miserable (him for being there in the cold, and me for being cold and not going as fast as I wanted to!). So anyway.. I left him and finished just under 41 minutes, about a minute slower than last year. The Boy made it 9 minutes after me, headphones in, looking freezing, mad and zoned out. Poor boy….

We rewarded ourselves with a nice warm Panera brunch. I was so hoping they’d still be serving their breakfast sandwiches, but had to settle for my favorite Cinnamon Crunch Bagel w/ Honey-Walnut Cream Cheese and a coffee instead. Not a bad trade :)

In other weekend news:

We drove around Nashville, stuck in lots of traffic thanks to the many detours going on, and checked out some apartments for The Boy. Hoping he can find something soon and move out of his scary place!

We also discussed the idea of him adopting his own dog (after moving to a better apartment) and fell in love with this adorable Wheaten Terrier/Mix named Christian in a local rescue group. Maybe this will motivate him to be more proactive in the apartment hunt! haha


Random/Misc. News:

Tomorrow we’re getting Bess! I’m trying to get Sheff excited, but right now he just wants to sleep on the couch. Not even watching the Superbowl… tsk tsk

The Winter Olympics starts this weekend!! I only have a few sporting events that I get extremely excited about – that being Tennis Grand Slams, and the Olympics. Friday night is the opening ceremony, and I have a date with my couch! :)


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