Wonders at the gym

Escaped work early today, which allowed me to hit up PetSmart on my way to the gym and stock up on food, leash, and zoom groom for Bess – who is arriving Monday afternoon! Quite excited :)

In calorie burning news:

Had a longer than usual workout at the gym today. Started with 30 minutes on the Cybex Arc Trainer. I am falling in love with this machine – perhaps my new favorite! It’s kind of a cross between a stepper and an elliptical – one that is able to better and more efficiently engage your muscles without putting as much strain on your joints… meaning you have a better workout, burn more calories, without having to have your heart rate climb as much. And for those of you who know my “lazy heart” issue, it’s great to have this workout and know that my heart won’t explode!

You can read about the machine at www.arctrainer.com . It’s pretty cool!

After the arc trainer, I did a few minutes on the weight machines, and then a quick mile on the treadmill to finish up. After I started walking on the treadmill, this middle-aged guy in a button-up shirt and headband gets on the treadmill adjacent to mine, and starts walking….

with his arms going in huge horizontal “windshield wiper” motions!

I think he was going to hit me! I’ve never seen anyone walk like this. I didn’t want to get off and start again on a different machine, so I just slowed my pace slightly so I was walking towards the end of the treadmill… of course then I started worrying that I would fall off. But I made it, and wiper man kept on going. What a danger to the world!

In calorie consuming news:

Tonight marked the last of the ‘Week of Snobby Joes’. I enjoyed my week – it’s simplicity and frugality. Especially when I opened my power bill and found that I have to pay $250 for the last month of heating this old house. Looks like there will be many more economic and fiberfull lentil and bean-based meals in the coming weeks!


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