Baked Goods Galore!

I was itching to get home from work today and see a big box in my mailbox. If you remember, last week I participated in the food bloggers’ Bake4Haiti online bake sale, and ended up winning a couple of items.

Today I received my pumpkin chocolate chip cookies (one of my faves!) and “matzo crack” from Anna over at Oats’n’Boats. So good!

Only problem now is that I have a batch of cookies, a container of matzo crack, and my leftover break-up bars all in the kitchen. All for one person. A person who does not need so much access to calorically-dense dangers!

And so, here is the plan:

  1. Banish remaining break-up bars to the freezer, until my trip to Athens, GA later this month, where old-college-roommate can have them. I know she misses having me around to bake/cook!
  2. Take some of today’s goodies to work to share. My coworkers will probably be very hesitant to try baked goods from their dietitian. Especially baked goods received in the mail from a stranger. hahaha.
  3. All leftovers will be shared by me and my invisible twin :)

In Non-Baked News:

  • The weather today was such an improvement. Sunny skies and mid/upper 40s. All the snow ‘sappeared, and I took a chair out to the backyard and did some reading when I got home, allowing Sheff to explore the back fields (and I think he started licking the deer’s salt block. yuck!). I enjoyed my time reading until I realized my chair was slowly sinking into the ground. Haha!
  • I’m gearing up for this weekend’s Nashville Predators’ FANGtastic 5K – only the biggest 5K in Middle Tennessee! Last year, I miraculously finished this race under 40 minutes. Granted I was also training for the half, so that probably helped. Cold rainy weather looks to be in the forecast… let’s hope it turns out OK Saturday morning!
  • Oprah’s show tomorrow (Thursday Feb 4th) is solely dedicated to Diabetes and I encourage you all to watch it! Of course I have a few bones to pick with Miss Oprah (always do!)
    1. She has Dr. Oz on there (can’t stand him)
    2. The show is focused on the dangers of uncontrolled diabetes. Basically a show of scare tactics to motivate people to take their diagnosis seriously. Too bad they can’t have a show with a more positive slant, showing how people can live long, healthy lives and manage their diabetes. But that wouldn’t be exciting for a TV show, would it?

That’s all she wrote!


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