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Today’s Lesson

I’ve been doing lots of reading/researching today on nutrition news, partly for my high school presentation that I’m still working on.

Some really interesting things I’ve come across:

A study out of Austria has shown that young adults with beginning signs/symptoms of schizophrenia might benefit from taking fish oil, possibly prevent psychotic episodes. That would be such a wonderful alternative prevention, rather than relying on antipsychotic meds that all my patients take, with such messy side effects. High cholesterol, obesity are my #1 reason for doctors to call me in for a patient… and yet those are all side effects of their drugs. Not that I think we could prevent everything (and certainly not reverse schizophrenia) with fish oil, but it’s such a healthy and simple thing to try!

We’ve seen girls reaching puberty at earlier ages these days… seems to be affected by the obesity epidemic, and possibly on the hormones in our food production (although that’s fairly controversial). A study shows that obesity may actually have the OPPOSITE effect on our young boys – by delaying their onset of puberty. So now we’ll have even more mature girls, and even less mature boys. Oh this is so not going in the right direction!

Today is day 3 of Snobby Joes week. Loved the tater tots last night, but loved tonight’s roasted broccoli, perhaps even more. I chopped up one crown of broccoli (probably 3 cups raw florets) and ended up eating the whole thing… roasted vegetables are so much better than any other prep method!!

I wonder if I could introduce roasted vegetables into the local schools here. I’ve spent most of tonight analyzing the elementary school menu, reading through their recipes and scrutinizing their food labels. I was impressed to see butter buds in place of butter for their vegetables, but I wonder if the kids would try them roasted. I was semi-impressed to see their choice of bread “made with whole grain” (it’s a step in the right direction at least… although I bet we could get the kids on 100% whole grain). But definitely NOT impressed by their using full-fat mayonnaise in coleslaw, tuna salad, chicken salad, pasta salad, etc; full-fat cheese (come on!! there are so many 2% cheese slices out there), full-fat salad dressings, and margarine filled with trans-fat. Those are some seriously easy and important changes to make!

Alright, Sheff has been whining at me to stop work and watch last night’s episode of House with him on the couch. Sounds good to me!


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