A Whole Week of Lentils!

I declare this week to be Snobby Joes Week!

What is Snobby Joes, you may ask?

It’s the wonderful vegetarian-friendly version of Sloppy Joes, written in the highly respected vegan cookbook, Veganomicon. You can check out the recipe here.

Sloppy Joes are one of those meattastic dishes that I miss, being a vegetarian (along with crab cakes and pulled pork sandwiches… when someone finds a way to make veggie pulled pork please let me know!!) Last night I whipped up a big batch of the lentil-y goodness, and had it for dinner on a bun, just like any good sloppy joe. Except then I thought, “What should I serve as a side?” and got stuck. I dug around my freezer and found some frozen corn that I microwaved, but it was lacking.

I realized what I really wanted is a bowl of tater tots!!

And so, to save money and leftovers, I made up my mind to eat Snobby Joes for dinner 5 nights in a row this week, until I depart for Nashville for the weekend. I’ll just switch out the side, to keep things interesting :)

It’ll look something like this:

Sunday: Snobby Joes and Corn

Monday: Snobby Joes and Tater Tots (yay!)

Tuesday: Snobby Joes and roasted broccoli (mmmm)

Wednesday: Snobby Joes and Sweet Potato Fries

Thursday: Snobby Joes and __________?

Yeah, I can’t think of the last side dish. Any thoughts?

OK, the smell of tater tots is calling my name to the kitchen. But one quick thing – guess how many tots equals a serving??

9! That’s it! I could practically inhale 9 tater tots. I’ve been working on my presentation for the high-school class today, mostly on portion/serving size, so I’ve been paying lots of attention lately. But seriously… 9 tots?!?!

I baked 18 for myself :)


One Response

  1. A WEEK OF SNOBBY JOES??? kill me now. I ate them/it once.
    tater tots, now, you’re talkin’!!!

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