Bright lights!

I must say, after a couple attempts, I have really found myself mastering the art of building (and more importantly, sustaining) fires!


This fire took us through dinner last night (leftover roasted brussels sprouts and cheese tortellini) and the latest Netflix movie. The movie was OK, but probably not one I’d rush to see again. And then I got lots more reading done.

This morning was the Australian Open Men’s Final! I taped it live, starting at 3:30am, and starting watching it as soon as I got up (around 8:30). Courtesy of the New York Times, here is our champion, after winning his 16th grand slam!


The  driveway was slick and ice-coated this morning as we walked down to pick up the Sunday paper. Somehow Sheff says immune to slipping, but I caught myself a few times! I also threw a couple snowballs at him, which he found puzzling, since they disintegrated when he tried to pick them up with his mouth. haha

Now, the sun is out in full force, we’re above freezing temps, and hopefully all this snow/ice crap will melt and evaporate by the end of the day. In the mean time, it will be another day at home. Trying to get more reading done, as well as working on my projects for the local schools – menu analysis and PowerPoint presentation for my high school class. Adios!


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