Recipe Review: “Break-Up Bars”

Obviously… snowy weather slushy weather calls for some baking. On my obligatory grocery shop before the storm set in, I wandered down the baking aisle.. not sure what I wanted to make, but sure that I needed to pick up some ingredients. I already have all the flours, sugars, and seasonings at home, but added to my cart – chocolate chips, devils food cake mix, and some cream cheese frosting (I know, canned frosting is nothing like homemade, but I wasn’t in the mood to start from scratch).

Today, deciding what to make (cookie vs. brownies vs. cupcakes vs. other baked good categories) I went through my bookmarked recipes and found these goodies! Called “Break-Up Bars”, they are layers of shortbread, caramel and chocolate, and can ease any emotional female :)

With the recipe calling for 4 sticks of butter (Paula Deen and Julia Child get excited!) and making 24 bars, I felt my arteries constrict voluntarily and decided to halve the recipe (somehow, I can rationalize that, although the nutritional profile remains the same).

This was a fun recipe, and reminded/taught me some new things.

What is the formula again for the area of a circle? Ah yes, pi x radius^2 (don’t you all use this to calculate the area of a pan when you’re changing the quantity of a recipe?? haha)

How do you make caramel without a candy thermometer?

What is this soft-ball stage you speak of?

I found the freezing weather outside to be very helpful in cooling these bars, layer at a time, before adding the next layer.

I was going to  be a good food blogger and take photos at each step, but I found myself having mini kitchen-crises and unable to photo-document the experience. But I assure you that if you go to the origin of the recipe here, you will find beautiful photos and step-by-step directions, written especially for the broken-hearted.

I’ve already had one request for some of these goodies mailed out. That actually might be a good idea, to prevent me from inhaling pounds of butter and sugar by myself.

Tonight…. leftovers for dinner, a homemade fire, and the latest Netflix movie! Oh.. and probably one of these bars with Mayfield’s Vanilla Ice Cream for dessert :)


3 Responses

  1. I think there is a candy thermometer in the junk drawer near the kitchen table…

  2. I admit with 4 sticks of butter, these bars are not for the faint of heart (literally)! But, desperate times (a broken heart) call for desperate measures. ;)

    I’m so glad you tried these, and I hope you enjoyed them! :)

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