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My first foster fur baby!

So a few days ago, my mom and I seriously talked about getting another dog around here, for Sheff’s sake. Poor nervous wreck boy… I think all this isolation just isn’t good for him!

But, I didn’t  (and don’t) feel ready to permanently adopt another dog, especially because I have no idea where my life is going, and it’s a huge commitment to bring a dog into your life!

And so… what’s the perfect solution?? Foster for a local rescue group! I’ve had plenty of experience with fostering dogs… we started fostering while I was in high school with Houston Beagle and Hound Rescue, and then my mom switched to Lab rescue (a BIG switch) while I was in college. I think we’ve probably fostered at least 30-40 dogs by now!

After a little googling, I came upon East Tennessee Border Collie Rescue, and contacted them immediately about becoming a foster home. Since Sheff is part collie (at least I think so), I know he’d love to be around another intelligent and active dog. Two days later… I get a phone call about a dog they think would work for us!


So… meet Bess. A lovely, well-behaved 6-7 year old female. She definitely looks like a she has some strong cattle dog DNA in her. She’s been in foster care for a week or so, and isn’t getting along well with her foster brother. Apparently she likes to be the dominant dog. Perfect for us! Sheff is submissive beyond believe, and I think the pressure of being an only/alpha dog is freaking him out.

After we get through the blizzard that is this weekend, Bess should be making her way to our place, and we’re quite excited!!


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