24 until 24

Today marks 24 days until I turn 24, so I thought it would be fitting to write a list of 23 things I discovered while being 23! (plus, I’m kinda list-obsessed… ask anyone I know!)

At the age of 23 I discovered:

  1. How to write cover letters
  2. How to use a pager
  3. How to make a fire
  4. How to talk to psychotic people
  5. How to run away from bats
  6. How to finish a half-marathon under 3 hours
  7. How to teach high-schoolers a nutrition rap
  8. That Kalamata’s in Nashville has the best falafel outside of Paris
  9. That I prefer cupcakes to most any other dessert
  10. How to use a full-keyboard cell phone
  11. That you can find most anything on Craigslist :)
  12. How to write 7 months of preschool menus
  13. That Coldplay does an amazing live show
  14. How to give a speech on-stage without talking a mile a minute
  15. That you won’t hear from 99% of jobs to which you apply
  16. How to write a hospital policy and present it to a group of physicians
  17. How to start investing and saving for retirement
  18. How to coupon!
  19. That Big Bang Theory is a wonderful TV show
  20. How to drive a go-kart with both feet
  21. How to date long-distance
  22. How to catch mice
  23. How to live without high-speed internet access

Wow. A lot of discoveries! Let’s see what age 24 brings! :)


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