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There’s a great bake sale going on online by a bunch of prominent food/health bloggers. All the proceeds go to the Red Cross. I’ve already found myself bidding on double chocolate brownies, espresso hazelnut truffle cookies, and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. I hope I win something!

Work today was good. It’s always nice when you hear this:

Hey Elizabeth, you have a consult for this guy with high cholesterol. But I’m not sure you want to talk to him today… he’s pretty sexually-obsessed and strips off all his clothes every time he sees a female. And with you being young and pretty…. yeah maybe not today.

I checked his lipids – 10 points high. Not worth being exposed to!

There’s talk of some big snow storm coming Friday afternoon/evening. Everyone at the hospital is talking about how to prepare – who should plan to spend Friday night there, etc. I filled up my car with gas today, and am about to load an emergency kit of blankets, water, change of clothes.. just in case. I figure as long as I can get out of work at a decent time Friday and make it home, I’ll just stay put. I had some fun plans for Saturday, but it’s no biggie if I can’t get there.

Now… if I lose power, that’s another story altogether. I should load up the fireplace with some wood, but I think I only have enough for a 6 hour fire, maybe. Oh winter weather….

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