A foggy day


I got a late start to the day. Stayed up later than normal (11pm!) last night, finishing my book, and so I let myself sleep in a little this morning. Work went fine today, fairly busy this morning seeing patients and doing some e-juh-ma-cating. I even had a patient hug and bless me! Wow :)

Yesterday I got an email from the school health program that I’m working with, asking if I could also work with the neighboring school district. Word got out that there’s a dietitian helping out, and I must be popular! This other school district would like for me to look over and analyze their menus, and they’re actually offering to pay me! Awesome!

I’m excited about snow tubing this weekend. And of course the weather being up in the 50s! Double-Awesome!

Kathy won’t be getting in until close to midnight, so I have a very long to-do list for the afternoon. Goes like this: drop off Good Will donation and library books, visit library book sale (my favorite!), fill up car with gas and air tires, cash at ATM (oh wait.. no ATM out here in the boonies I can use… guess I’ll go buy something and use my debit card for cash back), pick up the paper and mail, and make a vet appointment for Sheff’s vaccines so he can be boarded in the near future.

And then I’ll be sitting back, watching some Tennis and reading my next book!

Hope everyone has a great Friday!


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