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A girl’s night in!

Wednesday afternoon. I took the day off from exercise and decided to spoil myself on this rainy day – a little shopping on the way home, lots of time reading this afternoon (with tennis on in the background, of course), pumpkin pancakes for dinner, and my first netflix movie tonight!!

After work I stopped by the post office to mail my new Christmas watch back to the service center in Brooklyn, NY. The Boy gave me a beautiful Swiss-made mechanical watch for Christmas, the kind that automatically ‘charges’ with motion, so there’s no battery. But unfortunately it was faulty, and doesn’t keep time very well, so I’ve mailed it off to be fixed/replaced. Fingers crossed it doesn’t take the 6 weeks that the warranty card warned about!

And then I decided to stop by Ross for a little shopping. Yesterday, I discovered the $50 AT&T rebate VISA card in my wallet…. free money! I didn’t do any crazy shopping or anything… just picked up a new workout shirt and some new running socks (mine are all getting too thin or tight). Checking out, I told the cashier I didn’t need a bag – I’d just carry the items out. Most people think I’m crazy, but finally someone understood my desire to help out the environment. Her eyes lit up and she said “Thank you! I’m a tree-hugger myself, and people always give me a hard time, but I appreciate your effort!”. So there are a few others like me out there :)

Rain rain rain. Sheff isn’t going to get much outside time today (sorry buddy!). I’m about to plonk down on the couch with all my books (my current novel, travel books and cook books) and get some reading done.

And then… breakfast for dinner! Yay! I forgot I had that Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Pancake Mix sitting in the pantry. Sounds marvelous. Maybe a soy-sage patty on the side to bump up my protein intake.

But I can’t get too full, because I’m going to pop some popcorn for my first official Netflix movie night. I rented “The Women” and we’ll see how good it is!



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