Leftovers and a movie

Sunday night… The Boy has returned home to Nashville and Sheff and I are having a lazy night with leftover Butternut Squash Risotto and a movie. I picked up “Stranger than Fiction” at the library Friday and am looking forward to it. I also decided to sign up for Netflix and am excited about my extensive choice of movies now available to me! :)

The weekend with The Boy was quiet but nice. The weather hadn’t *quite* warmed up enough to warrant zoo-visiting, so we stayed in a lot.

We did wander over to West Knoxville, where we had adventures in Earthfare (resulting in a delicious pumpkin choc chip muffin for moi), Super Target, a new Frozen Yogurt place for The Boy (how he loves his mix and weigh fro yo places!).

Saturday night was dinner and a movie. We did get to see “Up in The Air” and both enjoyed it. He had hoped for a double movie day, but he gave up trying to drag me to “Book of Eli”. Smart boy :)

I will say that I enjoyed our weekend cooking together. Since he sleeps so late, the first meal of the day is this awkward late breakfast / early lunch meal. Saturday we cooked up some eggs and english muffins, and this morning we made a yummy pasta dish with side salads. And look – no meat to be seen in those meals! However… when we went out for dinner, guess who was quick to order a steak?? hahaha. Can’t expect too much out of him I guess.

In other non-weekend news:

I am now in travel-planning mode, after making a decision to have my family’s spring vacation in Arizona and New Mexico. It’s been so long since the 4 of us have travelled somewhere new and fun, so I think this trip will be great. I debated with several locations, starting with my original idea of San Francisco and Yosemite… until I realized there could still be snow on the ground. No thanks! So now I’m looking at a trip flying into Phoenix, and driving north to Sedona, then over to New Mexico, see Santa Fe, and flying out of Albuquerque. Still have all the kinks to work out, but so far it sounds like fun!! Definitely a part of the country I’ve not seen much of.

I’m also taking a defensive driving course online for the next few weeks, to lower my insurance rates. I’ll be sure to enlighten you with the fun facts that I learn along the way :)


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